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Let Us Help You Protect Your Family If Something Happens To You

We make estate planning for individuals and families easy, simple and convenient so you have the peace of mind that things will be taken care of if something happens to you.

About Us

Attorney Jeff Berenholz’s estate planning practice focuses on helping individuals and families protect their assets and their loved ones. Jeff helps bring peace and clarity in understanding the various financial and legal options available in estate planning for a variety of family structures, from singles and divorced individuals, through traditional and blended families.

Refreshingly Uncomplicated

Here’s our 5 Step Planning Process

Getting started is all handled online by e-signatures and secure online payments.

Access our secure online customer portal to easily navigate our client questionnaire.

Have a Zoom or phone Planning Session at a time that suits you best.

Review and approve your draft summary, provided in plain English.

Final documents are signed and notarized in the convenience of your home.

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Comprehensive Estate Planning

What Makes Us Different

Once we help you get a clear picture of your specific family and asset picture, we work together with you to put the right plan in place. This is not just about having the right documents, it’s about educating you and providing clarity and peace to ensure that your exact wishes are followed.

It’s All About Education.

First, we meet with you over Zoom and help you understand what may happen to your children and your assets when you either don’t have any planning in place or have improper planning in place. It’s here that you’ll learn about the probate process – what it is, how much it costs, etc. – and whether or not you should try to avoid it. We’ll also cover the differences between a will and a trust, as well other critical estate planning documents that you should have in place.


Next, we help you come to a decision on what the right path and the right plan is for you and your family. All of our planning packages are on a flat fee basis. That’s right – there are NO hourly fees for your initial plan.

The Devil’s in the Details.

Once you decide upon a planning package, we move to the planning stage where we will guide you on the choices and options you have in putting together your estate plan. You won’t be left alone in this! It’s our mission to educate you on the possibilities so that you can reach the right decisions.

Following Through

After your plan is completed and the signing is done – in the comfort of your own home – we aren’t quite finished! Most estate planning attorneys end their services here, but at Jeffrey S. Berenholz, LLC we help you finalize all of the details, especially for trust-based plans.

Following Up

Our goal is a long-term relationship with you and your family. So even after everything is completed, we will stay in touch on an annual basis to see if there have been changes in your life or your assets that would require an update or change to your estate plan.

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