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Attorney Jeff Berenholz’s estate planning practice focuses on helping business and families protect their assets and their loved ones.

Estate Planning

It’s All About Education

First, we meet with you over Zoom and help you understand what may happen to your children and your assets when you either don’t have any planning in place or have improper planning in place.


Next, we help you come to a decision on what the right path and the right plan is for you and your family.

The Devil’s in the Details.

Once you decide upon a planning package, we move to the planning stage where we will guide you on the choices and options you have in putting together your estate plan.

Following Through

After your plan is completed and the signing is done – in the comfort of your own home – we aren’t quite finished! Most estate planning attorneys end their services here

Following Up

Our goal is a long-term relationship with you and your family. So even after everything is completed